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Describe yourself.
My age is not what I am… age really is a number and passing up on an opportunity to connect and thrive in a good, healthy relationship because of a number or mind-set is silliness.

Travelling, exploring the world and seeking new adventures are a few of my bad habits; ‍♀️What can I say; it satisfies some of my intense curiosity and love of places and meeting new people while exploring different cultures and philosophies.

Weekdays are spent in my Health and Wellness Spa as an Anti-Aging /Health Specialist. I love what I do as it allows me the opportunity to move around and help men and women, on a global level, with their health and wellness needs.

In my free-time I can be found in the gym, yoga studio, relaxing over a good movie or reading books. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, checking out coffee shops, or something as simple as walking around the lake.

I am looking for
It will be fun and exciting to meet a mature, hard working guy who understands the entrepreneur lifestyle, yet and still has the energy at the end of the long work week to enjoy each other….

A true gentleman that wants to live a life full of relaxing and letting go of the daily craziness and making each other laugh until we cry. Dating can be fun, let’s create some of our own!!

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